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Are you a student in Ethiopia looking for a better way to prepare for your university entrance exam? With SkillBridge crush your entrance exam confidently using personalized study materials, organized exam resources, and interactive learning tools.

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We provide the necesary tools for
our students to succeed.

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Course Summaries

Tailored materials, covering Ethiopian university and high school curriculum, designed for optimal preparation for national exams.

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National and Mock Exams

Providing personalized mocks, simulations, and targeted quizzes for effective university entrance exam preparation.

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AI-powered Assitant

Chat with AI-powered assitant to help you clarify any question and confusion you have while going through the content.

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Leaderboard & Contests

Gain points as you engage with learning materials and contests, and discover how your performance compares to others.

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Our Current Target

Our app is designed for students preparing
for universtiy entrance and exit exams.

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24th March, 2024

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Be part of SkillBridges weekly contest where students from different schools will be competing to win a prize

National and Mock Exams

Question Bank tailored for
National Exams

Dive into our extensive repository of questions ideal for classroom studies and national exam preparation. This includes previous years' national exams, AI-generated mock exams, and custom quizzes tailored to specific chapters, along with performance-tracking tools and expert-approved explanations.

Previous Year Exams

AI-generated Exams

Customized Quizzes

Analysis for exam and quiz questions

course summaries

All-in-One Study Resources

Designed for the Ethiopian Curriculum, our AI-generated content is carefully reviewed by experts to offer comprehensive exam preparation resources. Students can also enjoy engaging tutorials ad dynamic presentations with our video content, making learning even more exciting.

AI-powered Assitant

Personalized Learning Assistant

Through interactive conversations, our chatbot helps users clarify concepts and receive personalized assistance with questions, making learning effective and enjoyable. Additionally, the AI bot guides users in navigating through the platform and finding relevant resources

Leaderboard & Contests

Weekly Contest and Leaderboard

Assess your exam preparation through our performance analysis tools, featuring detailed progress tracking and competitive leaderboards. Stay motivated and compete for prizes in our weekly contests, designed to inspire growth and challenge students.

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